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How to Cure Premature Ejaculation Permanently

Date Added: April 02, 2012 10:56:24 AM
Author: john
Category: Health
How to Cure Premature Ejaculation Permanently A large number of men around the world are not able to enjoy this dimension of their lives because of the problem of premature ejaculation, which cuts their pleasure short in the most painful manner.Premature Ejaculation is found to happen to around 30% of men around the world and is defined as ejaculation which occurs within two minutes of sexual intercourse or penetration. Many men who are affected by this condition usually have low self-esteem, and they have intimacy problems with their partners. However there are plenty of remedies that are available for this condition. Some of these involve psychological counseling, taking medicines or supplements, and some involve natural methods that enable men to last longer before ejaculating while having sexual intercourse. There are plenty of physical reasons that trigger this condition, although there are also many psychological reasons that lead to this condition that is a source of great agony and shame in many men. Negative thoughts are detrimental in overcoming premature ejaculation. The following are the ways in which bad thoughts during sex lead to PE and how this should be overcome.Low self esteem and confidence is a leading contributor to premature ejaculation, and this condition mostly occurs in young men who have not had much sexual experience. Conditioning is also a contributor of premature ejaculation, and this usually occurs in young men who feel ashamed about masturbation. The theory behind this is that such boys will be aiming to reach orgasm very fast because they want to avoid being caught. This will therefore condition their brain as well as their prostate and ejaculation ducts to quick ejaculation after slight stimulation, and is a condition that can have detrimental effects when they become older since they will be unable to control their ejaculation. Lack of love and contentment with your sexual partner also contributes to PE, since men who are not contented with their partners will have a hard time in being close to their wives during copulation.Previous traumatic sexual experience also contributes to early ejaculation with the possibility of men who were abused or who grew up with very authoritative female figures getting affected by this condition.This is due to the fact that they will fear women, even at older age, and will find it hard to stay close to a woman for a long time. Premature ejaculation is not an incurable problem as its treatment is much effectual and having over 90% success ratio. If you are facing difficulties to stop this problem by yourself, then any of given premature treatments can be used to cure penile dysfunction. You may also consult to some sex therapist or physician to take online treatments to eliminate premature ejaculation.If you would like to know which supplements we highly recommend in order to get effective Premature Ejaculation Treatment and an improvement in sexual health, click here.
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